Gil, Guillermo. Son Anglada.

Guillermo Gil, 38 x 46, oil on canvas. This 1985 work approaches the most post-impressionist stage of Guillermo Gil. The brushstroke is quick and vivid, with a clear predominance of green pastel colors to recreate the vegetation that surrounds the Son Anglada estate, with the house in the center of the composition.

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This work by Guillermo Gil from 1982 shows us an estate of Son Anglada surrounded by vegetation, represented by an energetic brushstroke, with touches of abundant material that create an effect of plasticity in the composition and the house in the first instance painted with light tones. This use of materials, as well as the type of brushstroke, brings this painting by Guillermo Gil to a more post-impressionist stage, which we can also observe in various works of different stages of his career as an artist. The work is in good condition. It presents a classic vintage frame, which contains a plaque with the artist's signature and the date on which the work was made. The framing presents some marks of use. The work contains title and signature in the reverse of the painting.

Gil, Guillermo (0003)

Data sheet

Artista / Realizador ...
Gil, Guillermo
Título / Tema ...
Son Anglada
Técnica / Materiales ...
Soporte / Utillaje ...
Lienzo en bastidor
Medida Alto (cm) ...
Medida Ancho (cm) ...
Firma / Certificado ...
Firma en la obra y firma de reata por el artista
Época / década / año, ...
Década de los 80
Estilo / Movimiento ...
Paisajismo mallorquín
Provenance (Procedencia) ...
Colección particular
Enmarcado ...
Marco clásico
Medidas Enmarcado (alto x ancho, cm) ...
61 x 69 cm
Verdes claros
Localización ...
En nuestra tienda (depósito)

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