Anglada Camarasa, Hermen

Hermenegild Anglada i Camarasa (Barcelona, 1871 - Pollença, 1959)

Hermen Anglada Camarasa was born in Barcelona in 1871 and was the son of a painter-decorator of cars and a water-colorist amateur. He attended the courses of the School of the "Llotja" in Barcelona and was a pupil of Modest Urgell whose work influenced him remarkably in the first production, usually landscapes. His first exhibition dates from 1880 and the first individual exhibition of 1884, year in which he also went to Paris to complete his training and established his residence. In 1900 he exhibited in Barcelona creating a great impact for his modernity obtaining a resounding success. After his initial stage landscaper, the painter began a phase of large canvases dedicated to the figure. Portraits, traditional scenes and popular types such as Andalusian dancers, Valencian peasants and gypsies came to replace the themes of the "Music Hall", gardens and cafes of the Parisian period. Anglada Camarasa's painting is of an exuberant colorist preciosity, unusual thicknesses of material, vibrant colored lights lit on backgrounds of infinite nuances, sinuous linear rhythms and refined arabesques of masterful draftsman. All these qualities placed Anglada Camarasa at the top of Catalan artists and in a first line of painters of universal scope. In 1913 Anglada settled permanently in Pollença, completing the cycle of his work with a renewed interest in the landscape, flowers, aquatic themes of fish and fantastic underwater scenes. Between 1915 and 1916 the so-called "Escola Pollensina" formed, formed by a large part of his Latin American disciples who came with him to Majorca. His last stage was not excessively prolific in terms of production due to his advanced age, but he received the institutional recognition being named (among other distinctions), Honor Scholar of San Fernando.

Source: Pintaren Pollença (exhibition catalog): Lorenç Cerdà 1862 - 1955, H. Anglada Camarasa 1871 - 1959, Tito Cittadini 1886 - 1960, Dionís Bennàssar 1904 - 1967, Pollença (Ajuntament), 1995- Pollença, 1959)

Anglada Camarasa, Hermen

Anglada Camarasa, Hermen

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    Dibujo a carboncillo de una persona de origen aragonés en pose de tocar la guitarra. Realmente parece un esbozo a los que Anglada Camarasa solía recurrir mucho, bien para preparar un cuadro costumbrista al que se sumaría este personaje o un trabajo realizado de manera espontanea. Aun que su fama es reconocida por su obra y sus dibujos de temas del folclore andaluz y el cante gitano con sus bailadoras, sin duda este dibujo lleva su sello al que le acompaña la firma tan característica del artista.