Clasificación de obras realizadas con la técnica de grabado a punta seca, agua fuertes, agua tinta, etc. Mayoritariamente series numeradas y firmadas por el artista.


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  • Clavé. Guant (grabado al...

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    Antoni Clavé, 65 x 50 cm, engraved. In other works by Antoni Clavé the motif of the glove appears, it has done with this same theme, collages, etchings and lithographs. It is a very recurring subject of this artist from his devotion to Greco, Goya and Durero, sources of his inspiration, as evidenced by The Knight of ... (Series "Hommage to Domenikos Theotokopoulos") (1964), subject as well from which it carries out multiple versions on the subject of the hand and the glove, like Encore le gant (1970) or Le gant de Madison Avenue (1974).