Roca Fuster, Joan Miquel

Joan Miquel Roca Fuster (Palma, 1942 - 2006)

Joan Miquel Roca Fuster was born in Palma in 1942. He trained as a painter at the School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi (Barcelona), graduating in 1963. He then moved to Palma, his hometown, passing some stages in Valldemossa. He became professional in the 70s and 80s and achieved consideration and public in Barcelona and Palma, in addition to being respected by his colleagues for his mastery of the trade, his pictorial culture and aesthetic obsession. It is part of the Latina gallery in Palma together with artists such as Manuel Coronado or Pau Fornés, who influence each other in themes and forms. The work of Roca Fuster can be divided into four different stages. The first stage, from the mid-60s to the 70s, is notable for the influence of informalism by Saura or Tàpies, mixed with Goya and Velázquez, experimenting with the collage technique and carrying out its first exhibition in 1965. In the second stage , from 1974 to the beginning of the 80s, the technique of oil and, above all, pastel predominates. Emphasizes the clean line and the technical correction, with influences of symbolist and pre-Raphaelite painters, expressing a certain melancholy and sensitivity through the representation of birds, fruits or vases. From the 80s and until the 90s, Caravaggio will have influence, presenting austerity from dark colors and drama, while in 1990 and until his death, in 2006, he will recover the luminous colors and female figures. After portraying Sara Montiel almost naked from her modern perspective, she quickly gains a place in the market and notoriety. It also scandalizes the most conservative Mallorcan society after offering a new vision of the urn of the body of Santa Catalina Thomàs (La Beata). He was awarded the Fine Arts Prize in 1962, as well as being recognized at the Autumn Salon of Madrid and winning the International Biennial of Barcelona. He was found dead in his studio among his canvases on June 21, 2006, at the age of 63.

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Roca Fuster, Joan M.

Roca Fuster, Joan Miquel

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