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Bennassar, Joan

Bennassar, Joan

Joan Bennassar Vives (Pollença, 1950)

Joan Bennassar was born in Pollença in 1950. From a very young age he showed his artistic skills, so his family directed him towards painting and art. In his youth he entered the School of Arts and Crafts of Palma, where he had as a teacher Jaume Mir, who guided him towards sculpture. Bennassar, despite having a strong pictorial heritage of the Pollensina School, was never attracted by the landscaping, so he wanted to break with his roots to create his own style.

In 1969 he entered the School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi, where he trained as a painter and sculptor. In those years, Barcelona was a city full of culture and art, where political movements attracted youth in the last years of the Franco regime, at which time Bennassar began to be a member of the Workers' Party of Spain. Meanwhile, he continued with his pictorial production, when he discovers Antoni Tàpies - who was still a marginal artist - and this one impacts him remarkably, making Bennassar's work evolve towards a more informalist stage, with the use of materials such as sand, strings and all kinds of textures.

His first solo exhibition was at Club Pollença in 1971. However, in the mid-70s he abandoned painting to focus fully on politics, although finally, at the end of that decade, he returned to his pictorial production so as not to abandon it anymore. , thus entering one of the most prolific stages of his career, the decade of the 80s. In this new stage, his work is developed from numerous different themes that show inner world and its imaginary creating between the big city and the small Coast town. Thus, we will find works that speak of the painter's study, the human body, the still lifes or even an esoteric world. In 1983 he exhibited for the first time at ARCO, where he discovered the frivolous world of the art market. A year later she will be married for the second time and will exhibit for the first time in the Maeght Gallery in Barcelona, ​​a space with which she will have a relationship until well into the 90s. In the mid-80s her consecration as an artist arrived and more and more focuses on the development of the work rather than the result of it.

In the 90s, as an artist and mature man, he returns to the imaginary of his origins, of the people, of his roots, and begins to develop paintings in which pantries are represented (Queviures). In this new stage he will also reflect on himself, with self-portraits. In the 2000 will have a stage in which it will focus on eroticism, carrying out the project "Mallora erótica" (2007) together with the writer Gabriel Janer Manila.

Throughout his artistic career, Bennassar has stood out for its thematic polarity. The feminine figure is a constant that recovers again and again in painting and sculpture, representing it not only from the beautiful and sensual point of view, but as the apex of the matriarchal society of the Mallorca of its childhood.

Currently, Joan Bennassar resides in Mallorca.



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