Coronado, Manuel

Manuel Coronado Martínez (Águilas, 1942)

Manuel Coronado was born in the coastal city of Águilas in 1942, but at an early age he moved with his family to Alaró, in Mallorca. His contact with local artists led him to develop his artistic training at the School of Arts and Crafts in Palma. In 1960 he moved to Sweden, where two years later he was awarded the first prize in the LATINA gallery and in 1963 he exhibited individually. During the decade of the 60 moves between different countries like Sweden, Greece, England and France, to later return to the Balearic Islands. There he will be awarded first prize at the Ateneo de Mahón and later he will be called by Pedro Quetglas "Xam" and Pilar Vitienes to exhibit in the new gallery founded by them. In addition, its stage in Ibiza and the psychedelic imaginary of the moment will suppose a point of inflection in the painting of Coronado. Later, in Madrid, he acquired the Joan March Foundation Scholarship and exhibited in the rooms of said institution. He also had a stage in Italy, country to which he was called for the restoration of certain works, and where he exhibited in different regions and cities such as Rome, Perugia or Calabria. At an international level, he arrives in Canada and the United States, where he exhibits his works in Vancouver and New York. In Spain, his paintings arrive in Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Santander and Burgos, as well as different galleries in Murcia. Again, he later returns to Mallorca to take over the Latin gallery. At that time, he will open his home-studio in Alaró and call various local and national painters to Mallorca with the intention of introducing the avant-garde on the islands. From the 80s, he will be awarded numerous prizes and honors in Murcia, his native region, and in Mallorca, his place of welcome. On the island he will exhibit at the Juan March hall and at the Vanrell Gallery, among others, and Es Baluard will acquire some of his works for his collection. The work of Manuel Coronado revolves around the figure of women, expressing themselves from expressionism, constructivism, or resources of primitive cultures.

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Coronado, Manuel

Coronado, Manuel

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    Manuel Coronado, 45 x 30 cm, watercolor and chalk on paper. This work is part of a series of portraits of characters such as female figures and harlequins, where cold colors like blue or purple predominate, with some shades of yellow or pink.

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    Coronado, Manuel. Sin título.

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    Manuel Coronado, 46 x 55 cm, oil on canvas. Work of the abstract stage of the artist. Violet tones predominate, with shades of red, blue and white. It is a clear example of the most psychedelic stage of the painter, in which he does not abandon the bright colors, whose use is a constant throughout his career.