Celiá, Bernardí

Bernardino Celiá Colom (Sóller, Mallorca, 1921-1985).

Born in Sóller in 1921. In his early years he was a disciple of Josep Ventosa. In 1947 he exhibits for the first time in Sóller. Later he will transfer his work to other places like Barcelona or Valencia, or Brussels or Anvers.

His work focuses on the landscapes of the North Coast of Mallorca. The great influence of the School of Pollença means leaving aside the port of Sóller and representing places such as the Torrent de Pareis, Sa Calobra, or the place where he lived, Ca'n Pinya. His work stands out due to the intensity and strength achieved thanks to the masses of colors arranged as an almost abstract set, which leads to an intuitive vision of the same landscape. It is also characterized by the depth and its particular use of the lights and shadows, which leads to his work to be very representative of Mallorcan paintings of the twentieth century

In his career he was awarded numerous prizes, such as the Painting and Landscape Painting Contest. Today, Bernardino Celiá is a reference within Mallorcan landscaping.

Celià, Bernardí

Celiá, Bernardí

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