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Molina, Federico

Federico Molina Albero (Barcelona, ​​1905 - Bunyola, 1981).

Catalan gypsy painter who settled in Mallorca, initially in Valldemossa and later near the town of Bunyola (Buñola); where he could combine in his farm, with stables, his two passions, horses and painting. Today, the place is a well-known riding club that bears his name. The artist, highly trained in drawing, an academic with a vigorous brushstroke, received a great recognition as a portraitist and his figurative painting is included among the great masters of Spanish portraiture. In 1968 he exhibited at the "Costa Galleries", run by José Costa, son of the formidable cartoonist and humorist of the same name, who became popular in Barcelona by animating the columns of "L'Esquella de laTorraixa" and other publications from the beginning of the century. From then on, his painting will become more subtle. and retailer. There are several anecdotes of nudes made with the present model and that a posteriori was rectified by the artist, overlaying a handscarf that covered the breasts of the same; not for that reason, the work lost great sensuality because of the accentuated neckline that it left. These corrections have been discovered in more than one of his paintings, by a restoration workshop in Palma. They also highlight their gypsy and maternities themes. His production of still lifes with flowers was also abundant.


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Molina, Federico

Molina, Federico

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