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Fornés, Pablo Luis

Fornés, Pablo Luís

Pablo Luís Fornés Isern (Palma, 1930 - 2006)

Pablo Luís Fornés Isern (Palma de Mallorca, December 15, 1930 - December 12, 2006), was a versatile artist-painter of Renaissance reminiscences and author of a splendid figurative work, full of splendor, elegance and beauty. He was also illustrator of the famous literary works of the writers Llorenç Moyà, Cela and Llorenç Villalonga among others, decorator, sculptor, poet and writer. As a young man he showed great skill in drawing and was one of the first to separate himself from the post-impressionist language of local influence that dominated the island's artistic panorama. Author of the altarpieces of three important churches in Mallorca, Sta Catalina Tomás (Palma), Sta María de Robines (Binissalem), and Sta Brígida (San Agustin), as well as countless murals for hotel companies and exclusive shops.

In his work come together multiple and varied influences, among which can be noted that of the masters of the Italian Quattrocento, the primitive flamenco, the Mannerist of the sixteenth century or the Symbolists - and especially Moreau - end of the century . In any case, his voluptuous style and deliberately abrarocado always hinted at a vast cultural background, which has allowed his painting to be erected in a suggestive resonance box of very diverse themes: poetic, musical, mythological, theatrical, cinematographic, religious, etc. .

He spent his last years of life in a nursing home in the area of ​​Son Armadams. He died at 75 years of age at the Rotger Clinic in Palma, due to respiratory failure, caused by an aneurysm.

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