García Orell, Joan

Juan García Orell (Palma, 1936 - 2008)

Juan García Orell started in art in a self-taught way and it was not until his middle age that he gave free rein to his imagination, creativity and visual skills. His great interest in art motivated him to experiment constantly with the new trends, reflecting in the canvas with his palette of colors a diverse range of interests, ranging from the figurative painting of his beginnings, full of flowers and bright colors, to the artistic abstraction, expressed not only through colors, but also textures. His optimism and vivacity, allowed him to perceive those small details that give life a special color, allowing him to deepen artistic experimentation without any fear, which he later fused with his experiences, to transform them into pictorial works.

Sources: the text comes from the exhibition catalog of the "Yacht Club Cala D'or", / the photograph is from S. Llompart.

Garcia Orell, Joan

García Orell, Joan

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  • Garcia Orell, Juan. Bicicletas

    Price €2,950.00

    Óleo original de gran tamaño a pincel y espátula y técnica mixta con arenas y marmolinas que confiere a la obra una gran textura, con colores muy encendidos. El trazo de las dos bicicletas es rápido y ejecutado a la primera instancia, resultando, sólo esbozadas, dos bicicletas con negros intensos sobre el lienzo. La pintura se encuentra a caballo entre la pintura figurativa y el abstracto.