Riera Ferrari, Joan

Joan Riera Ferrari (Manacor, 1942 - 2017)

Joan Riera was born in Manacor. Soon will live what will be his most traumatic experience when his mother died in 1950, when he was going to turn 8 years old. Then they give him a box of paintbrushes and he makes his first drawings with it. Twelve years later he goes to Barcelona to continue his studies to start taking off again. He will be trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Jordi, where he will share a classroom with Xim Torrens, Daniel Codorniu and Castanyer. In 1967 he returned to Mallorca and settled in Manacor where he made his first exhibition and then went to exhibit in Helsinki. These first years of professional career will share them working giving classes at the Industrial School of Manacor. Transgressive artist, in 1969 he made an installation in the church of Manacor placing a Christ on the cross face down, this provokes angry protests in the town. In the 70s he will establish his residence in Cala D'or, where he will dedicate a large part of his time to artistic interior design, working for important hotel chains. In this same decade he will open his own gallery 'Picarol' to promote young artists among whom is a young artist from Felanitx called Miquel Barceló. He will travel between other European cities, Venice and Basel, in this last city he will inaugurate the Fasnacht series, which will later be exhibited at the Museum of Mallorca. In the mid-1980s he signed a contract with the Maneu Gallery, Joan Oliver 'Maneu' will take him to the best international art fairs, reaping continuous critical successes in cities such as Vienna, Hamburg, Brussels and Egypt. From this last city his series 'Nubios' will appear in black and white. In 1992-93 in a new work space installed again in Manacor, 'L'Auba' will begin its trials with mixed media seeking to confront the beginning and end of things (life and death) and looking for their own language , which will be the one that will precede him from where he goes, will present his series 'Tramuntana' the principle that will lead him to the series 'Roques' the most popularly known. In the mid-90s he will present the exhibition of the first robust landscapes of mixed media with thick textures based on marble and sand with oils; in Los Angeles, an exhibition that will bring you great success and will inevitably mark your artistic career. In 1996 he lived the worst year of his adult life when half a dozen people who were close to relatives and close friends passed away in a few years. This leads him to inaugurate the title exhibition 'Som la mort' of which his masterpiece is the installation of a door painted with the names of the deceased and the phrase "Que no entri ningú ... som la mort". From the new century he will collaborate with the Sala Marimon, which, once again, carries his works throughout Europe, until the year 2015 that closes. Even so, he will continue to work with the Maneu gallery, which will be dedicated to a retrospective in 2007. Juan Riera Ferrari will experiment throughout his artistic life, with other techniques with very good results as were his engravings with editor editor Ernesto Rodríguez. I also work in the field of sculpture and goldsmithing. De Riera Ferrari are well known throughout his life both public and private, his altruistic acts, which helped many organizations in need, to fundraising. In 2009 he received the Ramon LLull award for his entire career. On February 6, 2017, suffering from his illness, he says in an interview with Diario de Mallorca "I have invented the drama of the Mallorcan rock". Three months later the drama arrives in Manacor when he dies on May 4.

Source image: http://agricolamanacor.blogspot.com/2014/01/joan-riera-ferrari-presenta-un-quadre.html

Riera Ferrari, Joan

Riera Ferrari, Joan

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  • Riera Ferrari, Joan. Roques

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    Pintura de gran valor simbólico en la obra de Riera Ferrari. Esta obra está catalogada en la web del artista y pertenece a la serie 'Roques' que lleva por título 'Gosthland 2014' El mismo artista reconoce que el cuadro no desprende el realismo de un lugar concreto, sino que con ello, el mismo artista puede representar su lucha interior. Eso es lo que le importa. Después de su serie 'Tramuntana' no volverá a fijar paisajes precisos.