Coll Bardolet, Josep

Josep Coll i Bardolet (Ripollès, 1912 - Valldemossa, 2007)

Josep Coll Bardolet was born in Ripollés (Gerona) in 1912. In 1927 his family moved to Vic where he began his studies at the Municipal Drawing School and worked as a painter and decorator. In 1935 he entered the School of Landscape of Olot. In 1936 he crossed the border and settled in Tours (France) where he began studying at "l 'École des Beaux Arts". From 1939 he returned to Barcelona and traveled to Mallorca where he exhibited and resides for some seasons. During this time he learned engraving techniques. In 1943 he settled permanently in Valldemossa. In the 1940s, Coll Bardolet began to travel and exhibit throughout Europe. In 1964, and due to the deep love that the painter felt for choral music, he began to sponsor the concerts in the Torrent de Pareis (Mallorca). Between 1968 and 1972 he was awarded the Medal of Tourist Merit of the Balearic Islands and was named "Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres" by the Government of the French Republic. In 1980 an anthological exhibition was held at the Lonja de Palma and in 1987 he was declared an adopted son of Valldemossa. In 2005, the Coll Bardolet Cultural Foundation was established. In 2007 he is named illustrious son of Valldemossa and dies on July 30 of the same year.

Sources: Ana Ferrero Horrach // image:

Coll Bardolet, Josep

Coll Bardolet, Josep

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  • Coll Bardolet, "Camp...

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    Coll Bardolet, 35 x 50.5 cm, drawing with sanguine. The work represents a costumbrista scene with the reddish tones that the material with which it is made contributes, from a light stroke.

  • Óleo sobre papel de Coll Bardolet de tema costumbrista. En la imagen aparecen 'balladores i un ballador, campesinos (pagesos) mallorquines con vestimenta típica del folclore mallorquín, en acción de baliar. Coll Bardolet, pintor catalán, se afincó en Mallorca y su obra es bien conocida por sus motivos de la 'pagesia' mallorquina habitualmente en gesto de baile mallorquín (ball de bot).